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My work focuses on social and environmental questions.

It includes a number of practices such as illustration, graphic design, photography, video etc. Working with the public being an important part of my work, workshops are an integral element of my practice.


Exhibitions :

Murmures, Villers Canivet, France // 2023

56 Chandelles #9, Nantes, France // 2022

La balade des ateliers 22, Nantes, France // 2022

Grandeur Nature, Abbaye de Villers Canivet, France // 2022

Pénombre, Chapelle St-Vigor, St-Martin-de-Mieux, France // 2021

Reclamation: Artists' Books on the Environment, San Francisco, USA // 2021

Mèrca, Salle Jaël de Romano, Brassac, France // 2020

CAST, Anglia Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, UK // 2019

Sustainability Art prize, Anglia Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, UK // 2019

GSA MA show, Garnment Factory, Glasgow, UK // 2018

Changing Lenses. Stories of Integration, CCA, Glasgow, UK //2018

Last Future, Tramway Gallery, Glasgow, UK // 2018

C’est le Bouquet!, Jardin Botanique du Montet, Villers-lès-Nancy, France // 2015

Prices : 

Sustainability Art Prize, Ruskin Gallery, 1st Price // 2019
The Stratford Literary Book Jacket Design Competition, 1st Price // 2019

Workshops & collaborative projects:

Murmures, Villers Canivet, France // 2022-2023

Mèrca, Communauté de Communes Sidorbe Vals et Plateaux, France // 2019-2020

Falaise à La Carte, Falaise, France // 2017

Newspaper design workshop, Poisson d’Avril, Falaise, France // 2016-2017

Les petits laboratoires de l’image, Collège Jacques Monod, Hayange, France // 2016

Book Jackets:

Young Poets. Stratford Literary Festival, Felix Dennis Young Poets Prize Winners 2019

Rouge Cuivre by Jack Chaboud. Edition du Jasmin // 2016


Master of Illustration and Book Art from the Cambridge School of Art.

Master of Design and Photography from the Glasgow School of Art.BA Communication/Graphic Design at the Nancy Art and Design School (ENSAD)

Sometimes in the media

Pénombre 1  2

Mèrca 1 3

Falaise à la Carte  1  2 

Famous on social networks

Sustainability Art Prize 1
The Stratford Literary Book Jacket Design 1 2

For the communication side

It's this way for now

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