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Histoires de Torp #01
00:00 / 18:34
Pierre par pierre #01
00:00 / 15:37
Histoires de Torp #02
00:00 / 20:58
Pierre par pierre #02
00:00 / 23:42
Histoires de Torp #03
00:00 / 17:58
Pierre par pierre #03
00:00 / 21:26
Histoires de Torp #04
00:00 / 15:09
Pierre par pierre #04
00:00 / 24:27

Murmures is the reflection of a place and the people who live in it or have lived through it. Inhabitants and those involved in the reconstruction of its chapel speak out, sometimes confiding in each other and asking questions. Through these interwoven accounts of the hamlet of Torp and its chapel, we discover a place steeped in stories that question our relationship with heritage. Two narratives echo each other: that of the hamlet, shaped by life stories and family histories, and that of the renovation of the monument, built by a collective effort. With sound and vision, this exhibition wanders through the memories of those who made this place what it is today. 

This participatory art project was set up in collaboration with the Association des Amis de la Chapelle de Torp, with the aim of bringing this heritage site, which has been under restoration for 20 years, to life. The various visual pieces presented in the exhibition are based on testimonies gathered over several months. They were created by a team of volunteers. This collective work in itself represents what this place is and what we want it to be: a place for sharing, exchanging, remembering and creating.

To find out more about the chapel, click here

Sound pieces: Mixing Clément Brunon / 2 pieces originally broadcast without cuts (Histoires de Torp and Pierre par pierre ) 

Murmures posters / Views of the Murmures exhibition at Chapelle de Torp // 2022 - 2023

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